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Arts Council England boosts Organ Appeal

Edington Organ Project

The campaign being run by Edington Festival Music Association to raise funds for a new organ in Edington Priory Church has received a huge boost in the form of a grant for £50,000 from Arts Council England.

The grant brings the total of funds raised so far to nearly £370,000 of the target £425,000. The award is on the basis of an application which includes plans for a wide range of organ-related arts and educated activities once the new organ is installed, which will be in time for the August 2014 Festival.

It also means that Edington PCC, for whom the Festival Association is raising the funds, now has sufficient funds in the bank to sign the contract with the organ builders, Harrison and Harrison, enabling work to begin. The contract will be signed at a ceremony on Sunday March 18th after morning service in Edington Priory Church.

Andrew Carwood, Director of Music at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, was a former Director of the Edington Festival. “This is a real boost for the Music Festival’s campaign to raise the funds for a new organ for Edington Priory Church and signing the contract with Harrison and Harrison means that building can begin. We’re onto the final stretch of the Appeal now, which we know will be the most challenging. This grant from the Arts Council should give us all a spur to reach the finishing line so the new organ can be installed and in brilliant voice for the Edington Festival in 2014.”

Congratulations have also been received from Charles Hazlewood, well known as a conductor, and as a creator and presenter of music programmes for the BBC. “This is fantastic news. The Music Festival Association has worked so hard to get this far, and has obviously touched a chord with many generous people loyal to this very special Festival. It’s a real vote of confidence from the Arts Council, not just on the Association’s ability to reach the £425,000 target, but on their plans for some really exciting arts and education activities involving the organ when it’s installed and in use. As a former organ scholar, I’m just delighted to know that a fine church is a step nearer to getting a fine new instrument which will play an even bigger role in the musical life of the community. Congratulations!”

The Music Festival Association has a number of fund raising events planned for the future, including a musical supper and auction in the Houses of Parliament, taking the campaign to a new audience, and a summer garden party. More information about all these events is available from the Organ Appeal Administrator, Sue Lowery, on 01380 871549, [email protected]

March 6th, 2012