The Edington Festival of Music within the Liturgy

- Orders of Service

The "Edington Liturgy"

Orders of Service

The Edington Festival uses a variety of Orders of Service.

Choral Matins (sung once during the week) and Evensong (sung daily) follow the model used in cathedrals up and down the country, while the daily Eucharist service follows Rite One of Common Worship.

Matins and Compline, however, follow orders unique to the festival. These were initially developed by Peter McCrystal and take as their origin the pre-Reformation rite of Salisbury. The mixture of Latin and English texts aim to create a living and appropriate liturgy which is both accessible, through the standard Anglican responses, psalms and canticles, and timeless, through the use of the Latin antiphons and hymns which the monks who founded Edington Priory Church would recognize.

Orders of Service (PDF)