For one week in August every year since 1956, Edington has hosted a Festival of Music within the Liturgy in its magnificent fourteen-century priory church. Singers from many of the great cathedral and collegiate choirs come together to take part in a unique spiritual event where religious music and carefully planned liturgy combine to create uplifting and stimulating services. Four times a day for seven days, the daily round of Matins, Eucharist, Evensong and Compline fill the beautiful space that is Edington Priory Church.

A significant part of the festival’s financial support comes from the generosity of those attending services who contribute to the collections. The musicians themselves also pay for the privilege of taking part in the week. Yet ever increasing costs mean that our finances are severely stretched. Any artistic project needs a sound financial base to provide present security and scope for future growth.

With this in mind, the Edington Music Festival Association was formed in 2000.

Download Constitution (pdf)

Membership of the Association gives the festival a more assured financial future, encourages stronger links amongst the festival community and allows dedicated supporters an opportunity to become an integral part of its future development.